SOGlabel night, PARIS


Come and see the SOGlabel boys in Paris' deep dark and terrible FLUID PARTY. Go at your own risk...and don't expect to come home before the new year...

  SOGfiles MMVII presents MAL BLACK


Ireland's MAL BLACK drops the BOMB. It all started with his DIVERSION that promises to rearrange a few heads so keep an eye out for this one.

PART TWO is chocca block with a pile of traditional SOG tunes to complete this 70 mins of SOG madness.

1| MAL BLACK & DAVE LIEVENSE diversion rmx
2| MAL BLACK fastback
3| MAL BLACK strange beat
4| MAL BLACK & DAVE LIEVENSE diversion original

5| NICK GALEA catching time
6| TIM DAVISSON lying within
7| NOP funk it
8-| ENDERSHAGEN tematec night
9| GREED FEAT. LESLEY strange world (blackwatch king monkey dub)

  SOGfiles MMVI presents NOP

NOP isn't what we're used to here at SOGrecords but that's exactly what we like so much. his sound is twisted and sexy: the rebirth of ACID HOUSE, a progressive tune with a PHAT SMILEY-FACE T-SHIRT...

part one: NOP
1| NOP - tech madrigal
2| NOP - body in the middle
3| NOP - don't break into the liquid
4| NOP - copycontrol cat

part two: traditional SOGsound
5| BEATMAN & LUDMILLA - couldn't sleep (SHILOH rmx)
6| GREED - rolling hills (SHILOH rmx)
7| SONICCUBE & GREED feat ALYSSA - action = danger
8| WALSH & COUTRE - murders of sin (original)
9| TASH & STAGE VAN HOLLAND - the real world

  SOGlabel SHOP closes

An earthquake measuring 11.825 on the craptor scale destroyed the SOGlabel shop this week. It will no longer be running. Good news is, however, for more of the best, head down to the shop or to pick up pre-release exclusives!

  SOGfiles MMVI presents PHATJAK

Coming on the 20th September!!
1| BECKERS - colour me blind (PHATJAK rmx)
2| PHATJAK - latenite symphony
3| PHATJAK - since i found you (MASHTRONICS rmx)
4| NOP - copy control cat (PHATJAK rmx)
5| HUGE A - easy to reach (GREED & MENTAL X moment of madness mix)
7| FREZA & DJ FLASH - ritmix
8| MIKE BRIN - seems different
9| KIND OF ZERO - favourite train (ALEX STEALTHY's dark & brooding mix)

  Coming up next: SOGrecords labelnight in Lindau (D)

Local Underground presents a SOGrecords labelnight at the club le Dome in Lindau (D) on September 16th 2006.

Visit the Local Underground site
Visit the club le Dome site

  SOGlabel night TOKYO, ARK STUDIO CUBE, Shibuya

The ARK STUDIO CUBE is hosting 3 SOGlabel nights starting with SOG resident artists.
- 3.06: GREED
- 14.7: MERCURIO

  SOGlabel night - 19th MAY, Labyrinth Club, Zürich

01.00 GREED
05.00 MENTAL X

Next on our SOGlabel night is none other than TILT's ANDY MOOR. ANDY MOOR is probably dance-music's single hottest producer at the moment having just remixed the likes of BRITNEY SPEARS and TIESTO.  To add to that, he's a cracking DJ.

Tune into the livestream of MENTAL X and ANDY MOOR on Saturday night from 20.00 to midnight!

  AUTO-GENIUS: the singles collection (unmixed, full length)

New on SOG, the Singles Collection (unmixed, full length): a collection of our highest flying hits of the last year all on one CD featuring:


LJ: Oooooooooooooooh, Golly Jeee Grand Dad, it's an all new MMVI!!!
GD: That's right Little Johnny! And it features those two Israeli punk-bastards BRISKER & MAGITMAN!!
LJ: looks shit hot Grand Dad. I gotta get me some'o that!!
GD: Watch your mouth Little Johnny!!  You'll have to wait till April for that!!

For direct orders, drop us an email at sales[at] and we'll post one out straight away.  PAYPAL payments accepted only.

  TIESTO: In Search of Sunrise 5

I'm telling ya, "... we're a progressive label..." but those Big-Boys of trance just can't keep their hands off can they?!

Last year, TIESTO had asked for the WALSH & COUTRE - Burn for his #4 but it didn't quite work in the mix. But this year, it'll be ALEX STEALTHY's sinful Something Is Wrong from his Kaleidescope EP.

To commemorate, we're going to releae a limited, previously unreleased version called SOMETHING IS WRONG PART II.

  KEENAN vs ANDERSON feat ENDC - "Drift Away"

Available on our SOGlableshop

Possibly SOG's tune of the year, this one's been touted as TUNE OF THE SEASON by PAUL VAN DYK even before we've released it.  And too right: we've had girls coming up to the DJ booth in tears after hearing this one.  If you need a little help on the "ladies" (laidies?) front, then this one's for you.  Stick this in your box and you'll be the "sensitive" man of the moment, guaranteed or your money back!

Stellar mix from STEL & GOOD NEWZ on the flip. Thanks guys!!

  Wrap-up 2005 - is SOG going mainstream?

Don't know what happened in 2005.  We've been lovin that chunky electro sound that seems to be defining "progressive" at the mo but our traditional trancy sound has been grabbing headlines on the Big-Boys-of-Trance front.

After picking up "burn" and "superfly" for his POLITICS OF DANCING, PAUL VAN DYK has been calling us "the label to keep an eye on". TIESTO originally wanted "burn" for his IN SEARCH OF SUNRISE 4, ARMIN VAN BURREN is going nuts for STEALTHY's "able to forget" and JOHN 00 FLEMING writes us love letters...

Well, we're only too happy too oblige and it can only do the world good to feed something nutritional to the masses ;-)

  Paul van Dyk: Politics of Dancing 2

Don't know what it is but we seem to be doing something right at the moment.  TIESTO asked us for tracks for his latest compilation, JOHN 00 FLEMMING wanted some too ... but PAUL van DYK wanted 3!!

In the end, he took two, and you'll find them on his POLITICS OF DANCING 2.

- WALSH & COUTRE - burn


teamSOG is off to the LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL. We'll be there in our flip-flops and shorts at the cocktail party to celebrate the world-wide premier of the Swiss made snow white which features YELLOW BLACKBOARDS - superfly.

Check out the trailer on It looks like a cracker!!

  01 October: SOGfiles MMV chapter II night, Laby, Zürich!

We get asked all the time when the next release party will be. Well here it is, October 01, hosted by:

Plenty of give away CDs so be there or be square ;-)

  SOGfiles MMV chapter II presents ALEX STEALTHY

(click for tracklisting)

This time, it's a DOUBLE CD!!

CD1 contains all those stripped down dubby monsters just like on the first MMV cd.

CD2 features 6 versions of ALEX STEALTHY's enigmatic ONCE, including the PARTS!!

And believe it or not, we're giving away full versions of the
* ORIGINAL DANCE right here!! (right click to download) *


For the last year, SOGrecords had split their releases into SOGchrome (vocal) and SOGliquid (non-vocal) series.  However, with the market heading towards dubbier sounds, SOG has decided to bring vocal and non-vocal under the SOGchrome banner.

So if you get confused when you see the catalogue number on the SOGchrome jump from 008 to 032, that's why!!


For his latest GLOBAL UNDERGROUND compilation, NICK WARREN originally asked us for 3 tracks:

GLAMOUR TO KILL - In Your Eyes (sept 2005)

In the end, he only took ALEX STEALTHY's incredible ONCE. Check it out on GU.

For those who noticed on the GU cover that the version of ONCE is the "sunseeker rmx", this is a mistake.  It is the "original dance" version.

  the SOGfiles MMV cd launch!, Labyrinth 23 April

The SOGfiles MMV is a collection of unmixed tracks put together foremost for DJs from the progressive trance scene who play mostly from CD.

To make it interesting, there are several exclusive tracks and exclusive dubs never before seen or heard ;-)

2. GREED FEAT LESLEY - i see you (MINILOGUE rmx)
3. NOCANDO - living in a new world (GREED vs MERCURIO)
4. INKFISH VS DAVID WEST - aftermath
5. GREED FEAT LESLEY - tea in the sahara (KASEY TAYLOR & CHRIS MEEHAN dubrub)
6. NDSA - loganic
7. AVATAR - the haze (GREED's twisted soul dubrub)
8. GREED - choose yourself (THOMAS PENTON rmx